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Cat Allergies Asthma

Cats Are Hard To Avoid, But Here Are Some Ways To Deal With Cat Allergies Asthma.

If you're wheezing, coughing, and generally miserable, there may be a cat around, and you may be allergic to it. cat allergies asthma can be serious and it's something you want to address. About twenty-five per cent of people with allergies are allergic to cats, and many have cat allergies asthma. Allergies and asthma are often linked because the same irritants that cause allergy symptoms can produce asthma. Cat allergies affect more people than dog allergies, because cats often run loose and are usually not bathed. The worst culprit on a cat is airborne cat dander. It sticks to clothes and is carried into the home, where it triggers cat allergies asthma. One way to avoid cat allergies asthma is to try to keep away from cats, but this often doesn't help since cat dander is so prevalent.

Most people with cat allergies asthma need to take medication. There are different choices in medication for cat allergies asthma. Antihistamines reduce allergy symptoms by blocking histamines that cause the symptoms. Corticosteroids inhaled into the lungs reduce asthma inflammation. Singulair, which is a laukotriene modifier, works on immune system chemicals and can help both allergy and asthma symptoms. If medication doesn't work, a person may take immunotherapy in the form of allergy shots. The allergy shots contain a small amount of the substance the person is allergic to.

This gradually makes the person less sensitive to the allergen. Some people with cat allergies asthma love their cats, and are not willing to give them up. It's possible to live with both a cat and cat allergies asthma. Cat owners can take medication and receive immunotherapy. In addition, cat owners should bathe the cat, dust and vacuum often, and install hepa room air cleaners. It also helps to neuter the cat, as reduced hormones result in less dander. Sometimes cats seem to be everywhere, but fortunately cat allergies asthma can be kept under control.

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