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Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms Often Go Undetected Until Disease's Late Stages.

Pancreatic cancer symptoms can often go undetected until the disease has progressed to the terminal level. Well-loved celebrities including Patrick Swayze and Michael Landon have brought pancreatic cancer into the national spotlight. Pancreatic cancer symptoms are often vague and attributed to other causes, and this small 6-inch gland positioned behind the stomach, cannot be felt like other organs during physical exams, sometimes making diagnosis challenging. Abdominal pain is one of the most common pancreatic cancer symptoms. The location of the pain is usually in the upper abdomen and back and can become worse upon lying down or several hours after consuming a meal. Another of the major pancreatic cancer symptoms is a condition called jaundice.

This is a yellowing of the individual's skin and eyes caused by cancerous tumors blocking the ducts that carry bile that normally aids in the body's digestive process. Weight loss is another of the noticeable pancreatic cancer symptoms which is usually cause for concern because the individual has not been actively trying to lose weight. A loss of appetite is another of the common pancreatic cancer symptoms, often accompanied by waves of nausea and vomiting which is not linked to other causes such as food poisoning, flu or overeating. Among the less common pancreatic cancer symptoms is an itching sensation of the skin. Unfortunately, this itching is sometimes diagnosed as a dermatological program rather than as one of the pancreatic cancer symptoms.

A sudden and unexpected onset of diabetes is one of the most telling pancreatic cancer symptoms, indicating that the pancrease is no longer able to produce the insulin the body needs to function properly. The color of the patient's urine may become much darker than usual, while the stool take on the color of clay and produces a strong odor. Most of the above symptoms by themselves do not result in a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. But since most pancreatic cancer symptoms don't reveal themselves until the cancer tumors are far advanced, it's wise to have even one symptom checked by a medical professional to discount the occurence that its cause is pancreatic cancer.

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